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Walle case makes your iPad wall-mountable

There are times that you want to mount your iPad on the wall, especially while you’re in the kitchen where you need the iPad to show you some cooking recipe e-books. Having the iPad mounted on the wall is the best way to free your hands for your cooking tasks.

The Walle iPad case is a hard shell case, which comes included with a backplate that allows the iPad to be mounted on the wall. The backplate will need to be screwed on the wall where you want to mount the iPad. And there is an interlocking X mount which you can simply click and lock the iPad onto the backplate in portrait or landscape position. The little downside is the backplate will not be easily detachable or relocatable to other walls, after it’s been screwed on a wall. The Walle iPad case is priced at $64, if you want one, you can get it from Firebox.

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