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USB Ambient wireless weather station

If you wanna always be aware about the weather conditions so you can always plan your outdoor activities well, the Ambient Weather WS-1090 weather station will be a perfect gear to keep you connected with all you need on your computer.

The WS-1090 is a wireless weather station that works on the frequency band of 915 MHz. It is able to measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity for both inside and outside. It also measures rainfall and barometric pressure and calculates dew point and wind chill.

The device is equipped with a touchscreen that eases your operation and it shows you a wide range of parameters in an easy-to-read format. It’s just nice to be placed on your work desk and hook up to the USB port of your computer. And it comes included with the EasyWeather PC software that shows you with all the weather information received by the WS-1090. The WS-1090 weather station is now available on Amazon for a price of $120. Hit the Buy now button to get yours.

Buy Ambient Weather WS-1090 Wireless Home Weather Station

via slipperybrick

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