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Warpia Easy Dock Pro wirelessly streams 1080p HD video from computers to HDTV

Warpia Easy Dock Pro is a wireless HD video transmitter+receiver pair that allows you to stream HD video from your computers to other HD displays or your HDTV. The Easy Dock Pro is an improved version of the previous model, Warpia Easy Dock.

The Easy Dock Pro has been added with the functionality to allow you to stream online content in HD quality. It’s compatible with Mac and PC and supports displays up to 25 inches with a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 via a DVI or VGA connection.

The Easy Dock Pro also allows the mirror of your laptop screen with an extend mode allowing for two screens to operate simultaneously; as if having a big TV screen connected to the laptop. It comes in the form that consists of a USB wireless transmitter that’s to be hooked up to your computer and a wireless receiver base that can be connected to other HD displays or HDTV. If you want one, the Easy Dock Pro is now up for grab on Amazon for a price of $142.

Buy Warpia Easy dock pro wireless HD streamer

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