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Tiktok and LunaTik watch kits for iPod Nano 6g

The iPod Nano 6g has attracted a number of accessories that will turn it into a watch. The Tiktok and LunaTik watch kits are one of them, which were first a project started by Scott Wilson over on Kickstarter. But Scott managed to grab fund more than $75,000 to materialize the watch kits, which also hints the product is in high demand.

The Tiktok is a snap in band which allows the iPod to be easily removed from it. The LunaTik is made from aluminum parts and comes silver or red color. The machined parts screw together around the iPod Nano, making it like a real watch. These kits are well designed without blocking any controls or ports while the iPod Nano is housed in them. The TikTok and LunaTik will be priced at $35 and $70 respectively when they’re ready for the stores.

via slipperybrick

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  1. […] We’ve seen a number of accessories, wrist strap that are able to turn the iPod Nano 6g into a wristwatch, so you can strap it on your wrist having it to tell time while you don’t need it for music. […]

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