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White LG Optimus One smartphone

White cell phones present very unique kind of sexiness. That is why many of you have been waiting for the white iPhone 4. Unfortunately, it’s been put off for a number of times by Apple. But if you still want a white phone, there are a number of choices out there. Such as the LG Optimus One is also having a white model but unfortunately it’s just been announced for the Korea market and there is no indication if it’ll reach other countries.

The LG Optimus One is the fastest selling phone in LG’s history which sold more than 1 million handsets in under 40 days. So, with the white version available, the LG Optimus One is expected to be seeing more sales. The handset will run Android 2.2 OS and be available immediately in Korea. So if you want one, you may have to get helps from friends in Korea and ship over one for you.

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