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Nokia X7-00 – a leaked four-speaker Nokia smart phone

Nokia X7-00 is a Nokia smartphone that has had some pictures and info leaked before the official announcement. If you’re a fan of Nokia smartphones, you should be excited with every new phone that Nokia will have in its release plan. The Nokia X7-00 seems cool although nothing is official yet here.

The leaked information suggested that the Nokia X7-00 is a phone that runs the Symbian^3 OS and is equipped with a touchscreen display. The video below shows that the phone is being used for exciting game play of “Need For Speed”.

The phone packs a large screen of 4 inches with a resolution of 360×640 which is great for game play and multimedia contents. It also packs an 8-megapixel camera, 450MB onboard storage and 245MB RAM and housed in a polished metal case. There are also a fixed battery, a microUSB port and having four speakers with each positioned in each corner for delivering loud music to your ears and the passers-by. Anyway, nothing is official yet, watch the clip below for more info.

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