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Portable keychain USB charger to ensure all your gadgets juiced up

One way to ensure those gadgets that you’ve been carrying around will never run out of juice is to bring along a portable charger with you everywhere you go. We’ve come across a number of portable chargers but nothing has come as handy and tiny in size as this keychain-sized USB charger.

The little portable USB charger defines itself as a “USB power supply” which sounds as if it’ll always have plenty of juice for your gadgets. And of course it juices up your gadgets (MP3 players, cell phones etc) via the USB port. It has an internal Li-Polymer 1,000 mAH battery which claims to be able to hold charges for up to 3 months in standby mode. It comes included with a USB cable, lanyard and can be easily attached to your keychain. It’s definitely a super handy charger that you can always have with you everywhere you go to ensure all your gadgets always juiced up. For a price of $20, you can get it from ThinkGeek!

via gadgetvenue techchee

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