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Trunki Travel Toybox helps kids transport and organize their toys

How often that your little ones at home wanting to move around their toys from one place to another. And this will always mess up your living place with toys scattered around. If you do not want the kids to mess up your house with their toys, you’ll have to train them up to knowing how to get those toys organized or transport them properly in a neater way.

Here comes an attractive toy box which is known as Trunki Travel Toybox that is specially designed for kids to box their toys up before moving them from one place to another. It is a 4-in-1 storage solution, comes in funky colors and is equipped with four wheels that make transportation of toys easy.

The Trunki Toybox is also a big toy itself having a multifunctional lid and is sturdy enough to let kids ride on it. Itcan be used a ride-on toy, tow-along cart or stackable tower. Or if you have a few of them, these toy boxes can be connected together to form a Trunki train. The Trunki Travel Toybox is now available on Firebox at $31 each. Get a few as Xmas gifts for your kids and train them to get organized with their toys starting from this Christmas.

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