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7-inch carseat headrest DVD player with DVB-T + gaming system

If your passengers have been complaining about the boring ride in your car, it’ll be time to equip your car with a video player and gaming system. Here comes a 7-inch headrest DVD player + gaming system which is a perfect entertainment system for your car. It attaches to headrest of the car seat which keeps the passengers at the back entertained.

This headrest DVD player kit has a clear display with a resolution of 800 x 480, which is perfect for playing back videos, and having exciting game plays. It’s equipped with AV inputs to connect to any AV sources with a RCA connection including your video game, camcorders, iPod etc. It’s also equipped with a built-in DVB-T that allows it to tune into the digital TV broadcast. It’s made from high quality faux leather and comes in a zip-up design, so you can zip it up to protect it from theft.

Planning for a long ride with your family during the holiday season? Get two of the headrest DVD player, to allow your kids to be enjoying videos and game plays in the long and boring journey. The headreast DVD player kit is now available on Chinavasion for $202 each.

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