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Digital pill box with timer and buzzer

If you’re on pills, you’ll need a better reminder for not to forget your pills. Forgetting your pills will probably cause you your life or something unexpected to come in life. To always remember to take your pills, is to equip yourself with a Digital Pill box. Here comes a Digital Pill box that comes equipped with a timer and a buzzer which is able to alert you with sounds when it’s time for taking your pills.

The best of this pill box is the built-in buzzer is definitely a great helper by making an audible reminder, which is what is not offered by other pill boxes. The little Digital pill box also features an LCD screen for easy setup to have it count down or up. It allows for a maximum count-down and count-up time up to 19 hours 59 minutes.

Available in red or blue, you can grab it on online store at a price of $11.80 only. If you want one, hit the “Buy now” button below to get yours.

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