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Tron zero-gravity Light cycle

The huge fans of the sci-fi film Tron:Legacy. The Tron light cycle has been made into an RC light cycle that is capable of running on the walls as if gravity has no effect on this toy car. Get one or few of these for your kids, they shall be very delighted for this Christmas. But make sure if you keep some of your fragile valuables away while they’re playing the RC Tron Zero Light cycle.

Based on the awesomely cool vehicles ridden by a slew of actors in funny neon bodysuits, these gravity-defying machines are capable of zooming up walls and even across ceilings. Yes, really! Apparently it’s down to advanced vacuum technology and massive downforce. Whatever. All we know is these babies suck – in a good way.

Better still, just like the bikes in the movie, Zero G Light Cycles emit trails of light (or ‘jetwalls’) that will cause your opponent’s vehicle to fall off the wall or ceiling if crossed. Incredible! Okay, it’s not as satisfying as watching them ‘de-rez’ into oblivion, but until we find a way of zapping ourselves into our computers it’ll have to do. Besides, it takes considerable skill to avoid a jetwall when you’re driving upside down.

The RC Tron light cycle is available on Firebox at $54 USD after the conversion. Each requires 6 AA batteries which are not included.

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