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Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure storybook app for the iPhone or iPad

Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure is a fresh new storybook app for the iPhone or iPad, which has been made available for your little ones, and comes just in time for this Christmas. The app provides interesting stories, exciting mini games, colorful graphics, and Christmas cheer for your kids. The app is filled with fun and familiar characters including Dora, Swiper, and Santa Claus. It teaches your kids to learn the real meaning of Christmas.

The story follows Dora and her fox foe Swiper as they travel through time to teach Swiper all about the spirit of Christmas. Children and parents can follow along as Dora narrates the tale, or they can choose to read the story for themselves. Along their Christmas journey, they will interact with the environment to help Swiper when he encounters challenges.

The Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure app is now available on iTunes which is priced at $1.99 and $3.99 for iPhone and iPad respectively.

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