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Squeeze the Stressberry, while you get little stressed with your BlackBerry

BlackBerry smartphone users will get unusually more amount of stress with the massive number of calls, messages or pushed emails coming in per day. But the expensive BlackBerry device is not advisable for a squeeze while you’re little stressed with those piling messages from your boss. Instead, you’re advisable to squeeze this little Stressberry which comes in the shape of a BlackBerry smartphone and it’s meant for you to squeeze it to release your stress.

Mobile technology allows us to be connected 24/7. You can get calls, emails, texts and update your twitter feed from the bus, train or even in bed.

Which is wonderful sometimes… when it works. But if you ever have moments when you think just a little less connectivity might not be a bad thing, then this is the stress toy for you. Stressful phone calls or emails might make you want to chuck your phone at the wall, or maybe you lose your connection, just as you’re making a vital Facebook status update?

Instead of taking it out on the technology that’s the true source of your frustration, turn to the Stressberry. You can squeeze it, squash it and lob it at the wall without it coming to pieces and spilling expensive bits of electronics everywhere.

The Stressberry comes in dimensions of 11cm x 6cm x 1.5cm and is highly squeezable to make your days feeling better. You can get it from ShinyShack for £3.99 or around $6.25 USD after the conversion.

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