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Instant Cup noodle USB humidifier

Making a cup noodle to fill up your hunger is easy. You should have had a number of cup noodles as your quick lunches while you’re working overtime at your work place. Here comes the Cup Shitsuki USB humidifier which has been designed like a cup noodle, which you can simply fill up water to get your surrounding air humidified. Keeping the surrounding air humidified allows your skin to look better and healthier.

When it is cold outside, we close the window and turn up the heat. This is bad news for our comfort and health since it causes dry skin, cracked lips, itchy eyes, sore throat, on top of lots of other symptoms.

That is when Cup Shitsuki comes to the rescue. Not only can a humidifier help to relieve all of those symptoms, Cup Shitsuki simply looks great while doing so! It would most likely help your skin look better, make you feel healthier, and your desk would look absolutely great because you have a humidifier that looks just like Cup Noodles! What more could you possibly ask for?

Ordinary humidifiers do not heat up the water that is inside the humidifier, causing contamination inside the humidifier and germs to spread around the air. Cup Shitsuki comes with the “Ultraviolet Germicidal Light” which kills all of the germs inside before it turns into mist, therefore there are no germs or contamination in the water that spreads through the air!

The Cup Shitsuki USB humidifier is powered by the USB port of your computer or the AC source. You can grab it from Strapya-world for $70. Or watch the clip below for it in action.

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