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Apen A2 smart pen

Digital smart pen such as the Livescribe Pulse or Livescribe Echo smart pen, allows you to scribble and is able to record your handwriting and drawing digitally, so you can then transfer them to a PC. Apen is another company that also makes digital pens and it’s just rolled out its latest product known as the A2 smart pen.

The A2 smart pen has a built-in memory that allows you to store up to 100 pages before having to clear the memory by transferring to a PC. The A2 smart pen also supports both Windows and Mac platforms and it can be used to write MS Office documents, Outlook messages or draw images. The A2 smart pen will be available sometime this month for $100 only.

Btw, if you’re interested in the Livescribe smart pens, the 2GB LiveScribe Pulse and 4GB Echo can be had from Livescribe store for $100 and $150 respectively.

via hardwaresphere

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