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Infuse Wristlock makes another iPod Nano watch

We’ve seen a number of accessories, wrist straps that are able to turn the iPod Nano 6g into a wristwatch, so you can strap it on your wrist having it to tell time while you don’t need it for music. The Infuse Wristlock that has just been announced by the Australian company Frontal Concepts, is another wrist-worn accessory that transforms the iPod Nano 6G into a watch.

The wristlock mechanism allows you to easily mount your iPod Nano in an ergonomic and fashionable manner. The Wristlock can be easily snapped in and out of your wrist and it also ensures the wire run parallel to one’s arm, which will not restrict the arm movement. The Infuse Wristlock is made of silicone straps and durable stainless steel and available in three strap colors, black, brown and white. It can be had for $25 from

via zedomax

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