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iProp, a flexible iPad stand lets you complete your work comfortably in bed

If you’d prefer working in your bed with an iPad, the iProp is the kind of iPad stand that you need. The iProp comes in the form of a flexible stand. Apparently, as shown in the picture, the iProp is flexible enough to position your iPad at various angles to suit your need. It allows you to use the iPad at your comfort including using the iPad while sitting in a chair, on the couch and even lying in the bed.

If you’re born to be having “soft backbone”, who loves lying in the bed to complete your work, the iProp stand is definitely handy for you. The iProp is 3-feet tall, which should suffice for most uses. But this stand does not come cheap, it’s priced at $80. The decision is yours, if you want to continue working in bed, you’d better have the iProp so you can work more smoothly with less stress. It’s available on

via redferret

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