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Onaroo personal baby assistant

It’s not easy to take care of your baby, especially when the baby is sick and you need some information to feed back to the doctor. If you’re little paranoid parents, it’s good to make use of a little portable gadget to help you keep track of your baby. Here comes the Onaroo PBA (Personal Baby Assistant) which is meant for helping parents monitor the baby and collect the required information including nursing and sleep schedules, bottles, pumping, diapers, medicine, temperature, and growth.

Using this PBA is definitely much easier and handier than using a notebook and a pen to jot down the above-mentioned information. It works more or less like a PDA that you’re used to. The device is even able to display graphs of data over time, so when doctor visits, you have a handful of information to present to the doctor.

The PBA also comes with an app and a USB cable that allows you to connect the device to the computer for syncing the data. And you’ll be able to upload the data to PBA online which provides charting of your child’s progress. There are timers and alarms on the PBA that serve as reminders for the required daily activities for the baby. And it allows to work in vibration mode if you do not want the alarm to disturb anyone in a nap. For parents who’re interested in this PBA, you can get it from Onaroo for $50 and it comes included with the free online account.

via ohgizmo

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