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Pac Man-inspired mini stapler

The popular arcade game Pac Man should have filled up your childhood. Now in your adulthood, you may love to have some Pac-Man inspired gadgets to fill up your daily life or work place. Here comes a mini stapler that comes in the shape of the Pac Man. Instead of eating ghosts the Pac Man stapler aka Stap Man is more interested in biting papers, getting them stapled.

Inspired by the immensely popular arcade game, the Stap-Man mini stapler loves to chomp away on your disorganized papers.

Stap-Man features two small rubber “feet” to keep him firmly balanced on your desk. Comes with a small plastic box filled with 1,000 mini staples to get you started.

The Stap Man comes included with 1,000 staples. While it’s run out, you can simply get any mini staples available at any office supply store. The Stap Man can be had from Vat19 for $12 only.

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