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Twilight Sea Turtle turns bedroom ceiling into a starry night sky

Children love to be immersed in fairy tales, projecting a starry sky on the ceiling of their bedroom might be the solution to get them to sleep easier and better. The Twilight Sea Turtle features interactive night light that is able to turn the ceiling of your kids’ bedroom into a starry night sky, which will help them sleep easier.

Twilight Sea Turtle helps children sleep easier and makes bedtime fun by projecting a starry night sky on the ceiling. This interactive nightlight illuminates constellations in three soothing color options – blue, green, and aquamarine – to create a magical, tranquil environment that is ideal for helping children of all ages ease into a restful sleep.

* Full starry night sky projection on ceiling.
* Five endangered sea animal images on shell, each illuminate at one time.
* Shell glows in 3 soothing color options : emerald green, ocean blue, and aquamarine.
* Nightlight helps ease fear of dark.
* Auto shut off 45 minute sleep timer, 3 AAA batteries included.
* Twilight Sea Turtle storybook, star guide, and adoption certificate included.
* 2008 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice Award.

The Twilight Sea Turtle is suitable for children who’re 3-year old and above. You can grab it from History Channel for $30 each.

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