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Special K Android or iPhone app lets you be on track with your weight loss goal

Special K has launched a mobile app called myPlan for the Android device and iPhone. myPlan is a free app that allows you to stay on track with your weight loss plan right on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The app is claimed as a “great way to kick-start a new you” by the company.

You can design your own unique weight loss plan on your phone, and perform various tasks including the access to daily menus, progress tracking, getting helpful tips and recipes and access to Special K’s full suite of products. You can even share the progress of your weight loss on Facebook with friends.

For those who’ve never succeeded in any of your past weight loss plans, it’s time to grab the Special K myPlan app, so you can always be aware or alerted of what have got you sidetracked. iPhone users get it here, while Android users get download from Android market link, they’re all free.

via intomobile

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