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iGrill, a cooking or grilling thermometer that pairs with your iPhone

iPhone is the gadget that follows everywhere you go. It’s best that you can use it to monitor almost everything in life, including monitoring the meats on the grill at a barbecue party. Here comes the iGrill which is a cooking/grilling thermometer. Unlike other cooking thermometer, it comes with an app which allows you to use your iPhone to monitor the meats on the grill.

You just simply attach the iGrill on the grill, you can then walk away as long as you have an iPhone in your hands, so you can wirelessly monitor the meats on the grill, right on your iPhone. The iGrill communicates with your iPhone wirelessly via Bluetooth, it’s a perfect gear for those who love cooking. You can have it from for $100

via gizmodiva

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  1. […] whenever you plan for a BBQ party. The gadget works as what the name suggests, simply allows you to monitor the temperature of the meat being cooked, freeing you from having to sit in front of the grill for watching your piece of […]

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