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Inspector gadget, Mad Dash game for your iPhone or iPod Touch

The interesting game, Inspector gadget, Mad Dash is ready for a release for the iPhone or iPod Touch gamers. The game will take you through the exciting crime-solving missions of Inspector gadget. The game was developed by XMG Studio, which is available on iTunes for a price of $1.99.

Play as the classic, crime-solving sleuth on a mission to save his niece Penny from the evil clutches of Dr. Claw. Control the intrepid Inspector as he dashes over rooftops on rocket skates, swings from cranes with spring-loaded arms and flies through the air with the help of his umbrella hat. Along the way, jump, dodge and avoid various obstacles from banana peels to high-voltage power lines, dangerous pitfalls and Dr. Claw’s insidious bombs and missiles.

The game scenes present you a host of interesting gadgets including rocket skates, super jumps, and spring-loaded arms. And Inspector gadget in the game needs to be tested by lots of obstacles and hazards including peeding trains, powerlines, spinning fans, bananas, birds as well as bombs and missiles dropped by Dr. Claw. What Inspector gadget needs to do is getting the special Gadget coins to unlock bonus content. The game also allows you to challenge and play with your friends via the Game Center. If you want one, you can get it from iTunes for $1.99. We have few more screenshots attached below:

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