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Retro-looking iPod Nano watch doubles up as a bottle opener

It’s another watchband for the iPod Nano which is simply known as the Leather and steel watchband. This watchband turns the iPod Nano 6g into a rather retro-looking watch, which should suit the taste of most retro watch collectors. It also claims to double up as a bottle opener as a portion of the clip of the watchband, has been made in the shape of an bottle opener, allowing you to crack open a beer. Read what ThinkGeek has to say below:

Hand-tooled leather, and laser-cut anodized stainless steel, this watch-band is a huge step above the neon-colored Nano watchbands available everywhere. But there’s one little feature that you simply will not find on another iPod Nano watchband. This one has a bottle opener!

No joke! When the laser cutters where designing the clip, they realized that a portion of the clip could be any shape, so why not make it useful? The designers thought that people are always looking for a bottle opener, so building one into your watchband will make it doubly useful.

The iPod Nano Leather and steel watchband is available on ThinkGeek for $50. Grab it now if you want your iPod Nano to tell time, play music as well as opening a beer for you.

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2 Responses to “Retro-looking iPod Nano watch doubles up as a bottle opener”

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