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QED uPlay Puck wirelessly streams music from your iPhone to your HiFi

You want an easy way to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone or iPod to your home HiFi system? The QED uPlay Puck is a handy device that allows you to do it easily. The QED uPlay Puck is simply a Bluetooth receiver which can hook up to the HiFi and receive music wirelessly from your iPhone or any Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

This ingenious gizmo wirelessly sucks the tunes from portable gadgets into your hi-fi or any other device with a stereo or line input. Cool, eh! Simply plug it into your hi-fi, pair with your Bluetooth-friendly gizmo and you’re done. Thanks to a 10 metre range you can then loaf on the sofa, gizmo in hand, remotely controlling the music bellowing out of your stereo. It’s easier than dissing Justin Bieber.

You can pair up to 4 devices at one time. It works with a number of generations of iPhones or iPods including the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and iPod 2G, 3G and also other Bluetooth A2DP mobile phones, computers etc. It’s available on Firebox for $101.

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