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Christmas tree made from recycled materials

If you possess some DIY skills, you can make a Xmas tree from some recycled materials. Here is an interesting Xmas tree created by American artist and architect Kyle Martin, completely from recycled materials that are worth only $50 USD. The materials used including recycled polyester strapping (PET), glue and plywood. And the result is an eco-friendly Xmas tree with the ability to spin around presenting you some rather spectacular and showy light patterns.

Kyle Martin: “Several years ago I decided to put a new “spin” on the Christmas tree by not only making it hollow and transparent but having it hang from the ceiling rather than supported by the floor,” explains the artist. “This idea came from working with polyester/fiberglass ribbons (PET strapping). This amazing material not only has amazing tensile strength and can be heat fused, but it also has a beautiful green transparency.”

via greenmuze

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