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Instant cold or hot rechargeable compress for instant relieves of muscle aches and join paint

The Instant cold or hot rechargeable compress is a handy and portable gadget that allows you to treat your muscle aches or joint pain. The device has an aluminum head that heats up to 110 degree F or cools down to 40 degree F, which are the ideal temperatures for thermo- and cryo-therapies.

The device is best used to relieve swelling or facilitate blood flow and heal injuries. The device comes in the size of a TV remote and has a head that swivels 90 degrees, so you can easily position in against your body. It has a built-in toggle switch allowing you to easily switch between the hot and cold modes. It can be powered by two AA batteries or the included AC adapter.

If you’re one of those suffering from arthritis or painful joints during this winter, this Instant cold or hot compress is just the right device for you to be relieved from all those pains. You can grab it from Hammacher for $130.

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