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Mynah bluetooth cellphone recorder for recording phone conversations

You wanna record all your phone conversations so you’ll have proofs that what your spouse, boss or friends have promised or told you over the phone? Here comes a Bluetooth cellphone recorder called Mynah, a device that is named after a bird that’s capable of mimicking humans.

The Mynah cellphone recorder is able to pair with your cellphone via Bluetooth and allow you to record up to 340+ hours of phone conversations on its lengthiest setting. The recorder is able to record with precise and all the necessary information that you need as solid evidences including the time, date, number and duration of a call. Or you can have it to record everything carte blanche or you can specifically set it to.

You can also upload the recordings to your PC via mini USB connection. The device is able to last for 8 hours of use on a single charge. The Mynah recorder is available for order on Sdcallrecorder for $250 but will be shipped only till Dec 28th.

via ohgizmo

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