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Personal genome machine has an iPod or iPhone dock

It seems that almost everything comes with an iPod or iPhone dock these days, including a genome machine that’s meant for those dealing with forensic work. The device is called a Personal genome machine which has been released by a company called Life Technologies. It’s small enough and can be had in your home for your own personal investigation of any genetic-related information.

Surprisingly, such a device comes with an iPod dock and it offers a touchscreen interface for ease of operation. The device comes in the size of a printer and weighs 65 pounds and is able to produce test results in just few hours of time.

Basically, the personal genome machine uses semiconductor sensors to measure hydrogen ions produced during DNA replication allowing the machine to directly translate genetic information into digital information. So, what’s the iPhone or iPod dock on this machine for? Perhaps it’s meant for keeping you amused with music through the boring testing process? Or it’s meant for you to transfer the digital test result to your iPod or iPhone, so you can view anytime on the run?

via geeky-gadgets

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