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Sunshine buddy desktop toy

Most of us will keep one or a few desktop toys on our work desk, so when you’re little tired or bored with your work, you could be little amused by these toys. But the little trouble with a toy a having to replace its battery when it’s run out. So, if you do NOT want the hassles of having to replace batteries, you’ve gotta look for something that is solar-powered.

Here comes the Sunshine Buddy desktop toy which comes equipped with a little solar panel that is able to extract power from sunlight or even ambient light. Having the Sunshine Buddy sitting on your work desk will help boost your mood while you’re stressful or fed up with the faces of your bosses or colleagues. And the best is it’ll never run out of batteries since it’s powered by light or sunlight.

Sunshine Buddies make great gifts for all you stressed-out execs; we guarantee you’ll be unable to suppress a smile each and every time you clap eyes upon that grinning face. In fact glancing at a Sunshine Buddy can be genuinely uplifting, even if its nearest neighbour is a stapler or a hole-punch (must be something to do with all that ‘smile and the world smiles with you’ business).

You’ll never run out of smile on your face since the Sunshine Buddy will never run out of juice to keep swaying its head to keep you smiling. You can have the Sunshine Buddy from Firebox for $15 USD only.

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