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Dog escape preventer

Dog owners should have experienced many times that your dogs zipped out from the door at the moment you opened it. And it’d cause you lots of troubles for having to get your dogs back to the house. If you do not want such a trouble again, then it’s best to have a little gadget known as the Dog Escape Preventer, which works as what its name suggests, to prevent your dogs from escaping from the opened door.

Basically the Dog Escape Preventer is to be mounted to the door frame so when the door is opened, it’ll create a 31-inch high impenetrable blockade which will block the way and prevent the dog from seeing what’s outside, causing them to lose interest. But of course, if your dog’s been trained in various activities and agile enough, it’ll be able to jump over the 31-inch blockage.

The vinyl barrier is tear- and puncture-resistant, and can unclip from the door and automatically retract to store in the housing unit in a jiffy. It’ll involve minor work to get fixed on your door. If you want one, you can get it from Hammacher for $70 each.

via coolest-gadgets

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