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iWallet needs your unique fingerprint to open, pairs with your cellphone to ensure you’ll never lose it

It’s a pain for having to report the loss of your credit cards, personal IDs or cash while you’ve lost your wallet. So, to avoid such a trouble in life, you shall always remember your wallet. But if you’re the kind of absent-minded person, it won’t be too easy for you to always remember your wallet. Unless you make use of a little high-tech wallet called the iWallet here.

The iWallet features biometric fingerprint security which needs your unique fingerprint to open. So, while you’ve left your wallet unattended, no one will be able to open the wallet to get the cash or credit cards in it.

What is best is it’s able to pair with your cellphone via Bluetooth, so while your iWallet is more than 10-15 feet away from your cellphone, it’ll make a loud audible alarm. It’s simply “one stone kills two birds”, as you’ll be reminded by the alarm whenever you’ve forgotten either your phone or the iWallet.

The iWallet is available in a number of versions including Polycarbonate, fiber glass and carbon fiber models which are priced at $300, $400 and $600 respectively. You can get it here.

via coated techchee

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