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Ring socket with built-in timer

Most of us will leave our electronics on all the time, which actually wastes a lot of electricity that will add up to your monthly bills. Some designers have realized the use of conventional power sockets is the major cause of wastage of electricity, therefore they’ve come up with the idea of the Ring socket, which is a power socket that comes with built-in timer.

The Ring socket allows you to set a the timer for a pre-determined hour and when the time is up, the socket shuts itself off. This is also useful for charging your gadgets, so you can set the timer to charge the gadgets for certain hours instead of leaving them for all day long that would possibly kill the battery and waste lots of electricity.

The Ring socket also has LED indicators telling you what’s going on. Such as yellow LED means in use, green means it’s in standby and red means it’s overloaded that needs your immediate action. Anyway, it’s just a concept at the moment.


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