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Lumi mask sleep goggles project light to wake you up naturally

Wake up in the natural way will leave you a fresher mind and energetic body for the day. Soft glow or sunlight can wake you up naturally. But if you live in a big city with many high rise buildings blocking sunlight from coming into your bedroom, you’ll have no way to wake up in the natural way. If you prefer to wake up naturally, there are a number of gadgets can help.

Here come the Lumi mask sleep goggles which are able to project light on your face to wake you up naturally. If you’re used to wearing sleep goggles, this device is the right one for you. The goggles start emitting soft light 30 minutes prior to the wake-up time, so it’ll be a lot easier for you to wake up.

The Lumi mask is currently not for sale yet, which is still being developed by Taylor Franklin Hide. The project is on Kickstarter now and asking for $1 minimum investments to get it going. He’s looking for $10,000 to get it started, at the moment he’s got almost half of it only. We believe the Lumi Mask will also help you sleep, such as wearing the goggles allows you to get asleep sooner while your spouse still has the bedside light on reading a book.

via coolest-gadgets

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