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Sanyo GOPAN rice bread cooker

Sanyo has made the first of its kind, a rice cooker that is able to bake rice bread for you. The new Sanyo rice bread cooker is called GOPAN, which doesn’t need you to have pre-ground rice flour to make rice bread. The Sanyo GOPAN rice bread cooker has special spinning mechanism in it, which is able to grind regular uncooked rice into rice flour as well as mix and knead the dough during the baking process.

The Sanyo GOPAN cooker is definitely a handy kitchen appliance. So, while you’re bored of eating rice for your everyday meal, you can simply bake rice bread without any hassle. The Sanyo GOPAN rice bread cooker has been rolled out in Japan with great response that sells so well, causing Sanyo has to stop taking its orders till April, next year in order to cope up with the production. The Sanyo Gopan will also go to International markets one day. Currently, it’s priced pretty expensive in Japan, with a price tag of 50,000 yen or $600 USD after the conversion.

via ohgimzo

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