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Bed bug camera lets you spot bed bugs easily

Bed bugs are the scary insects, especially if you’re a traveler who’ll always need to stay in a hotel. To avoid being bitten by bed bugs, now you can make use of a little gadget called the Bed bug camera, which is able to help you spot bed bug easily.

Basically, the Bed bug camera comes in the form of a USB microscope camera which offers great magnifying power. It has 10x magnification power and can zoom up to 300x for a much closer look, so you can easily spot if there is any bed bug on the bed or sofa.

The BedBug camera is perfect for identifying bed bugs or small objects. You can transfer the pictures of the insects to your computer and share to your friends or relatives on Facebook or other social media sites, showing that you’ve successfully spotted and destroyed those bed bugs. The USB bed bug camera is now available on BrickHouseSecurity for $130. Grab it now before bed bugs have invaded your house.

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via via [coolest-gadgets]

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