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Babysitting mama Nintendo WiiMote Doll available for $40 only

The Babysitting mama Nintendo game is best to train your little angel up for how to babysit a baby. Or if you’re expecting parents, you could also make use of the Nintendo Babysitting Mama to let you pick up some babysitting skills before it’s too late.

Good news for those who’ve got the Babysitting Mama title, the Nintendo WiiMote Doll is the “baby” that you need to play this game is now available on Amazon for a slashed price of $40 only.

Babysitting Mama is part of the best selling Cooking Mama franchise that has sold over 6 million games.

The Nintendo Wiimote Doll comes with the motion detecting capability, knowing when you hug, swing the “baby”. It’ll also respond well to feeding or whether you dressing it up properly, showing reaction such as burping after an accurate massage etc. The game has 40 activities that will surely keep the “babysitting trainee” busy all the day long.

Buy babysitting mama interactive doll wiimote

via thecoolgadgets

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