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Griffin slap iPod Nano wristband

iPod Nano is best to be strapped on your wrist while you’re on the go. The Griffin slap Nano wristband is another iPod Nano wristband that allows you to wear the iPod Nano as a wristwatch.

As you can see, this flexible ‘memory-metal’ wristband has been designed to accommodate an iPod nano, so you can wear it like a wristwatch. Simply whap the seemingly rigid silicone band on your arm and gasp in amazement as it slaps shut around your wrist, self adjusting to fit perfectly.

– Flexible spring-steel band wrapped in soft silicone snaps securely around your wrist to keep your iPod nano close at hand
– Thick silicone frame protects your Multi-Touch display, volume controls and dock connector
– Frame covers the volume and sleep/wake buttons with protective silicone but still allows touch-through control of your iPod nano

The Griffin slap Nano wristband is available in two colors, pink and black and priced at $23 USD on Firebox.

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