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Fling joystick brings tactile response to the iPad

Joystick controller definitely brings more excitement for gaming than the iPad touchscreen does. The Fling Joystick controller is made for you to gain good tactile response while you’re gaming on the iPad.

The Fling iPad Joystick controller is the product of Ten One Designs. It has simple suction cups that allow it to stick on the iPad glass, and it’s almost transparent for most part, letting you have unobstructed view of the tablet surface below it. The contact that makes it the connection between the controller and the glass is made of a conductive material that offers similar properties of a fingertip.

The Fling iPad controller will be ready for pre-order starting on January 6 for $25 each. Currently, it supports only certain games. The video clip below shows the Fling joystick in action.

via coated crunchgear

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