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Stylish Samsung USB 3.0 portable hard drives

Samsung has prepped some stylish portable hard drives to show off for the CES 2011. And these hard drive come with the super USB 3.0 interface that allows you to transfer data at up to speeds of 5Gbps. If you want both speeds and styles, the Samsung USB 3.0 portable hard drives should be up your ally.

The Samsung USB 3.0 portable HDDs also pack huge storage capacities. The smallest of the drives already packs a 1TB storage capacity, while the biggest packs a 2TB storage capacity. The Samsung USB 3.0 portable HDDs are available in three colors and they have some nice patterns on the case that make them look like a stylish purse that most people’d prefer to bring along.

Of course, you’ll need a USB 3.0-capable computer to enjoy the super high speeds of data transfer. But no worry, it’s also compatible with USB 2.0 although you want get the speeds. Samsung says that the drives are able to transfer 25GB of files in just four minutes which is really something very fast and saves you lots of time for having to wait…. Unfortunately, none of them has been announced with a price but they’re expected to be available in April.

via crunchgear

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