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Joystick-It iPad arcade game controller

Apparently, the Fling Joystick has a strong competitor coming. A joystick controller called the Joystick-It also allows you to have physical joystick on your iPad for enhanced gaming precision.

The Joystick-It claims to work with thousands of games, while the Fling Joystick says it’s only good for certain games that present virtual joystick or directional pad on the iPad screen. The Joystick-It isn’t transparent that will block your viewing of part of the iPad screen. But it’d be only a very small area affected that does not cause much problem for your gaming.

The Joystick-It is currently out of stock on ThinkGeek but it’s expected that new stocks will arrive by end of January. So do keep an eye, it’s priced at $25 on ThinkGeek. A clip is attached below showing it in action.

via gizmodiva

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