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Removal of unwanted facial hair made easy with the R.E.M. Spring Hair Remover

Some girls have unwanted hair on the cheeks, chin, neck and even upper lip. And of course you do not wanna be called “sexy” because of the unwanted hairs on your face. But girls can’t make use of a regular shaver or razor used by men to remove those unwanted hairs. As a razor will make your delicate skin rougher thus results stimulation of growing more hair.

For girls to remove those unwanted hairs on your face, you can simply make use of a little device called the R.E.M. Spring Hair Remover. The little hair remover comes in a bendable tiny stick and promises to remove hair from the root and will not leave your skin with rashes, redness or sores the way waxing or a razor can.

It’s made of durable steel, can be kept in your purse or travel kit while you’re on the go and use it for removing extra hairs any time you feel like. If you want one, it’s now available on Skymall for $20 only.

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