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Speakal BTS8 office phone runs Windows 7 and does video chat

You want a smarter phone that packs almost similar capabilities to what your computer has? The Speakal BTS8 is one of those with such an intelligence in it. The Speakal BTS8 Office Phone runs Windows 7 OS and is equipped with an 5-inch LCD screen. With a Windows 7 OS running on this office phone, you can do lots of things on it including managing and recording calls, answering emails and having video chat using the built-in webcam over Skype.

Basically, the Speakal BTS8 sounds more like a computer than an office phone. It’s also able to receive faxes, receive faxes, sms text messages, play music, surf the web, manage your contacts and keep a calender. Of course, it allows you to make phone calls, which is why it’s called an office phone instead of something else.

The little downside is it doesn’t look too high-tech although it packs lots of high-tech goodies, it’s housed in a boring black package that makes it simply just look like an office phone. I guess this is what actually it wants to present itself in what category it should belong to. Currently, there is no pricing information for the Speakal BTS8 Office Phone. Speakal is now running their shows at CES 2011. You can keep an eye on their upcoming products which will likely have pricing announced later.

via chipchick

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