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BodyMedia FIT Armband BW pairs with iPhone to keep track of calories burned

You might be wondering all the serious workouts you’ve had, never yields a good result of losing weight in a satisfactory manner? In order to lose weight more effectively, you’ll have to collect the useful information about your daily intake and burning of calories, so you’ll know exactly that whether you consume is much more than your burn, therefore all your workouts do not help much.

BodyMedia has released a useful gadget called the FIT Armband BW, which comes in the form of an armband which straps to your arm and keeps track of how many calories that you’ve burned in your daily activities including your workouts. The FIT Armband BW is able to pair with your smart phone or iPhone via Bluetooth so you can have a more complete tracking or viewing of the information you need including the calories burned, steps are taken, real time physical activity and helps you keep a log for the food consumed throughout the day.

The FIT Armband uses a sensor that detects the galvanic skin response and other factors to calculate calorie burned. You’ll also get to access the Activity Manager online, for inputting data about your daily food etc. With all the complete information, you’ll be able to easily follow the charts or graphs to burn more calories than you take in, to achieve your weight loss plan. The BodyMedia FIT armband will cost $249 USD and an extra $13 per year for the subscription to the online Activity Manager.

via technabob

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