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Ninja USB gloves keep your hands warm with fingers exposed to maintain agility

The winter is still not over yet for the Northern Hemisphere, so, if you have difficulties to be as productive as before due to your freezing hands, you’d then need a pair of the USB gloves to help keep your hands warm. Here come the Ninja USB gloves, which only enclose up to the palms of your hands but leave your fingers exposed so you can still be working on the computer keyboard without losing agility.

The design of the USB gloves look exactly like those worn by the Ninjas, which will help keep their hands warm but leaving the fingers exposed so they can have firmer grip of their Samurai swords.

The Ninja USB gloves are useful for you who wanna work on your computer outdoors. They’re powered by the USB port of the computer and warm up your hands up to a temperature of 45 degree Celsius, helping to keep hands warm even in the coldest days. So, if you wanna be like a Ninja during the cold winter nights but with your hands warm, you can grab the Ninja USB gloves from GeekStuff4u for $32 only.

via gadgetlite

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