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24k gold-plated Xbox 360 Elite

If you’re a fan of gold-plated gadgets, here comes a 24k gold-plated Xbox 360 Elite that is waiting for you to grab, provided you can be the first prize winner of the Behemoth’s “Tournament of Champions.”.

The studio is currently giving away a 24-karat gold-plated Xbox 360 Elite for the person who manages to get to the top rank in the global Castle Crashers Arena fighter on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

There are some other prizes, including a Castle Crashers-themed 360 Elite for 2nd place or if you ain’t that good, manage to grab the third place only, you’ll end up with one of the 250 squishy chicken toys. What a huge difference between the top and the third! More on Behemoth’s official site

via joystiq

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