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Brake override technology as focus of Toyota’s sudden acceleration lawsuits

A number of accidents have happened in the US, which were caused by driving Toyota cars that caused sudden acceleration. Toyota now has been fired with lawsuits focused on their failure to include brake override technology that will prevent many of the accidents happen due to the unwanted acceleration.

The lawsuits first started with focus on potential flaws in electronic throttle control systems. But the plaintiffs having difficulty proving that there are any electronic defects in the Toyota and Lexus cars. So, now they’ve shifted to focus on the lacking of brake override technology in their cars, that has caused many of the unwanted acceleration, thus caused a number of deaths and injuries in the United States.

Brake override technology is basically the electronic fail-safe system that automatically releases the throttle when a car’s on-board computer senses that the brake is depressed. Such a system is meant for cars with electronic throttle control system which uses software and wire rather than mechanical cables to connect the gas pedal to the engine.

The brake override technology has existed for nearly a decade. The sources also say that many other car manufacturers such as Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW and Chrysler have used the brake overrides in their cars for years. And Toyota was said to have reached a discussion with federal safety regulators to adopt the brake override tech as early as 2007. But Toyota only managed to install it until last year.

Other lawyers are still searching for evidence if any electronic defect involved. Some even look into if the software used by the on-board computer that may cause the problem. Perhaps, there are bugs in the software that would cause the sudden acceleration. Software bugs are of course caused by human error.

Although we now live in high-tech world, with many lovely high-tech gadgets, and our cars are powered by many high-tech gears that make it much easier or more automated for the drivers. But a little human error in the software that’s loaded on the on-board computer could cause you your life. But we believe those automakers should have performed various stringent tests that involve both hardware and software before rolling out to the market.

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