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Gamers Edge glasses by Vision Concepts

Vision Concepts, the eye wear specialist which is specialized in making eye glasses for people who frequently stay in front of the computer, has now announced its new pair of glasses called the Gamers Edge glasses, that are made for the gamers.

The company’s eye glasses are meant to protect your eyes if you always have extended hours of sitting in front of the computer or gaming. The new Vision Concepts’ gamers edge glasses come with a yellow lens tint that is said to improve the on-screen detail, as well as increasing the contract and resolution. Some more, the glasses will reduce glare as well as other annoying frequencies from the displays. A pair of these glasses costs only $40, it’s definitely worth for an investment to start protecting your eyes now before it’s too late. Some more, you can look cool as well while wearing the glasses for gaming!

via coated hardwaresphere

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