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SmallWorks Lego BrickCase for iPhone 4

If you’re a Lego fan and an iPhone 4 owner, you may love to the idea of having your iPhone 4 as the Lego bricks foundation, allowing you to build your Lego masterpiece on it. The SmallWorks BrickCase is a tough iPhone 4 hard case that gives the Lego make-over for the back of the iPhone 4, allowing it to be used as the base for mounting all the Lego bricks.

You can be a bit more innovative, mounting different pieces of Lego bricks on the BrickCase to build a viewing stand for your iPhone 4. The SmallWorks BrickCase is now available on Amazon for $20. So, get yours now to start your Lego building fun right on the back of the iPhone 4.

via techchee

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