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First aid box gets Hello Kitty makeover

Some households may not keep a first aid box at home. If you don’t have one yet, you’d better have one now as a first aid box can save your life during emergency and it’s best way to keep all your medicines, pills in one neat place, so you do not have to climb up and down looking for medicines during emergency.

If you haven’t got a Fist Aid box yet and you’re a huge fan of Hello Kitty, then you should have no excuse to reject the Hello Kitty first aid box. The Hello Kitty first aid box comes with 6 masks which can be worn to prevent dust particles or air borne diseases like swine flu. It comes included with a pill box, has a tray for placing all your medicines and a handle adorned with cute little pink hearts. If you want one, you can now get it from Sanrio

via gizmodiva

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